What is happening at North of Rapture

Paweł Durczok on the

If you’ve visited this website in the past 2 years you’ve noticed something – and that is that you didn’t notice anything.

The truth is, I’ve been mighty busy. I’m not a freelancer anymore as I’ve been hired by Netguru about 10 months ago and before that I’ve been engaged in projects that simply didn’t leave much time for anything else.

But North of Rapture will be changing in the coming months. The visual identity of the brand will have a major update, my business profile will shift somewhat to include more consulting services, a new website is in development, there’s a podcast coming soon and the prints store will also be reopening in a couple of weeks.

To top it off I intend to improve my presence on Twitter and Instagram.

But all of that still requires a bit more time in the oven and will be done gradually, so bear with me.

To be updated about the progress and any projects I’m releasing follow me on Twitter.