Welcome to North of Rapture

Paweł Durczok on the

Welcome to the blog. The idea of the blog is simple – to provide you with some interesting content. 

That content will come in a few forms. Apart from general posts where I’ll be focusing on design and front-end development, I plan to post some fun and useful code snippets, that will be mainly of the CSS variety – from visual tricks to more advanced techniques. I’ll try to create all on CodePen as it gives me a bit more flexibility in what I can provide. There’s actually one of those on the blog already – it will help you create a cute checkbox with a bouncy animation by using only HTML and CSS. Check it out here.

I’ll be posting some editorial content and there’s one of those already on the blog as well. It’s a piece on how to become a graphic designer when you were not formally trained in the field. Check it out.

There’s also going to be quite a bit of gaming-related content as games are a huge passion of mine and I’m eager to explore that world a bit more in depth. There are some interesting plans regarding that, but it’s too early do divulge what they are. 

And last but not least I’ll be posting some case studies of my work. The first one will no doubt be about the branding and web design/development I did for Studio Lomo, so stay tuned for that. 

One thing I want to say before I let you go is that this is a blog for people who enjoy reading. The posts will often be relatively long, so make a cup of tea and relax while reading them. Everything from the blog’s design to the text formatting is here for that purpose.