Dekode Studio Launch

Paweł Durczok on the

As you’ve noticed there wasn’t much going on lately with North of Rapture. That is because I’ve been hard at work on a very important project – Dekode Studio.

Dekode is a creative studio focused on creating branding, web design and development and I was responsible for creating the studios branding (for which I’ll prepare a case study at some point) and designing the website. The studio is a 3-man operation with a pair of very talented developers – Piotr Sosiński and Piotr Matysiak – supported by yours truly. 

Dekode Studio


Dekode marks a new chapter in my career and I’m very excited by what the future may hold for this team. 

That isn’t to say that I won’t be pushing North of Rapture further. Now with a team to work with on web and branding projects, as North of Rapture I’m free to pursue strictly graphic design and illustration work. And this is what I’ll be focusing on in NoR. I also have some more content for the community in store and a set of video courses planned for the near future. 

As the dust settles after Dekode’s launch I’ll be busy writing, designing and building stuff for both, Dekode and North of Rapture. The future looks busy, but very bright. 


Check out Dekode Studio’s website at Follow Dekode on Twitter @dekodestudio and Facebook.