Animal Minis Vol. 1

Paweł Durczok on the

Introducing Animal Minis.

This is a project I started a while back and the idea was to have some cutesy illustrations for my daughters’ room. I started with a random doodle that I believe was supposed to be a simplistic 50’s style rocket – I had multiple shapes for that, one that was sideways. I added the ears and the nose and thought that would make a funny cartoon fox.
I figured I didn’t want to have generic cartoon eyes so I went with those manga-like smiling eyes and added a big grin. The grin would ultimately be removed in favour of a more simplistic look but that head is what I used as the basis for the fox. At first I figured I’d do just the fox and a bear as my older daughter was in a group of “Bears” in her kindergarten, but I had other things on my plate and the project laid dormant for a while.

When I got back to it I decided to do 4 animals instead of 2 as I figured that number would look better on a wall. I ended up with the fox and the bear accompanied by a badger and a hare. The main work was done in Illustrator with some additional texturing and shading in Photoshop. 


And you can see the results above. I was pleased enough with the end result that I would actually have prints done with the animals that I intend to put in the North of Rapture online store that will be launching soon. I also plan to have a limited run of postcards with the illustrations. 
In the next few months I intend to create a second set that will follow the same basic template and another two before the end of the year.